Condominium Ownership Law

Condominium ownership has become a popular form of property ownership. This also means that unless the owners are able to work together amicably in the management of their shared property, disagreements or conflicts may take place.

We will gladly advise you and represent your interests in all aspects of condominium ownership law:

  • Establishment of condominium ownership
  • Drafting and amending rules, including usage and administration regulations
  • Holding condominium owners general meetings
  • Representation at condominium owners general meetings
  • Evaluation of construction activities and administrative measures
  • Legal advice in condominium owners association disputes
  • Collection of association dues
  • Creation of a right of lien or right of retention for the association vis a vis defaulting condominium owners
  • Objections to association resolutions
  • Representation in court for individual condominium owners or the owners association
  • Loss/termination of condominium ownership