Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Whether you are a private individual or a company, anyone wishing to enforce monetary claims or securities of monetary value is bound by the provisions of the Swiss Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Act (SDCBA).

In principle, creditors have only two options available to recover receivables from debtors who are in default:

  1. The recovery and enforcement of debt collection through the courts.
  2. The recovery and enforcement of debt collection through the debt recovery offices.

We will work with you and determine which of these options is preferable from a legal and commercial perspective, and then support you with the enforcement of your claim.

We will gladly advise you and represent your interests in all areas of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law:

  • Opening of enforcement proceedings
  • Termination of enforcement proceedings
  • Legal advice and representation when dealing with the enforcement authorities
  • Legal opening proceedings
  • Recognition and rejection actions
  • Return of items removed from the debtor’s assets (contestation of donation, over-indebtedness and intent)
  • Assertion of monetary or securement claims (appeals, separation and collocation actions)
  • Legal advice and representation in defending unjustified demands (negative declaratory actions)
  • Bankruptcy proceedings / insolvency proceedings
  • All aspects of attachment proceedings
  • Debt restructuring proceedings