Inheritance Law and Estate Planning

One day, we will all bequeath an estate to our beneficiaries. In principal, inheritance law determines who the beneficiaries are and how the estate is to be divided among them. If you wish to properly manage this process, estate planning is necessary. Our legal advice focuses on drafting a comprehensive, detailed plan to prevent subsequent disputes and costly legal proceedings.

We are experienced in all aspects of inheritance law, estate and asset planning. This includes adversarial as well as non-adversarial proceedings. We are aware that in our role as legal advisors to clients who have recently lost a loved one and are thereby confronted with their own mortality, it is important for us to advise and support them with tact and discretion.

Cross-border inheritance matters is another area of expertise. Due to increased international mobility, factors such as nationality, country of residence and asset location are often spread across different jurisdictions, requiring complex international solutions. In such situations we can provide comprehensive advice.

We will gladly advise you and represent your interests in all areas of inheritance law and estate planning:

  • Succession and estate planning
  • Tax law planning / tax rulings
  • Drafting and reviewing wills, testamentary contracts, matrimonial property agreements and estate settlement agreements
  • Advances against inheritance, gifts and donations
  • Execution of wills and legal advice for executors
  • Representation of beneficiaries
  • Company succession and succession planning in family-owned firms
  • Formation and administration of foundations and trusts
  • Inheritance disputes (inheritance-related proceedings, invalidity, actions in abatement, adjustment, estate distribution actions)
  • Assisting beneficiaries with estate distribution (protective measures, waivers)
  • Estate management and distribution
  • Representation before the courts and public authorities in all inheritance matters
  • Implications for Switzerland of the EU Inheritance Law Directive