Confidentiality / Professional Rules

Lawyers are subject to legal professional privilege. This principle underpins the relationship of mutual trust between lawyer and client, and it remains in effect even after the client-lawyer relationship has ended.

Legal mandates carried out by lawyers are subject to the professional rules of the Swiss Bar Association (SAV).


The lawyer’s fee is normally calculated on the basis of an agreed hourly rate and the time required, and/or the amount in dispute. Hourly rates are based on our specific expertise. You are welcome to contact us any time with your queries in this regard. We discuss the hourly rates with you at the start of each engagement and state them in the contract of engagement.

In general, we receive an advance on costs.

Flat Fees

To give our clients greater certainty with regard to costs, we are also happy to agree with you on a flat fee, particularly for cases where the overall scope is clearly defined (such as the review and drafting of contracts or employment references), or in the case of initial estimates.

Companies who face a wide range of different legal questions on a regular basis and do not have an in-house legal team, can avail themselves of our legal services for an agreed monthly flat fee. This arrangement is not applicable in certain exceptional cases where the duration and scope are difficult to define (particularly for cases before the courts, or other legal proceedings). In our experience, many small and mid-sized companies choose to avail themselves of this flat fee option as a cost-effective alternative to having an in-house legal department.

Legal Expenses Insurance

If you have taken out insurance for legal expenses, we will of course be happy to determine if this insurance will cover the costs of your present case and whether your insurance allows you the option of choosing your own lawyer.

Legal Aid

If necessary, we can evaluate your entitlement to legal aid and file the corresponding application for you.